Smartwatches are everywhere these days, and they can do almost everything that a smartphone can. But can you make calls from a smartwatch? The simple answer is Yes, it’s 100% possible.

In this guide, I will show you how you can set up your smartwatch to make & receive calls. We will also discuss the advantages of using smartwatches for calls and if you can answer incoming calls as well.

Can you make calls from a smartwatch

How to Set up Your Smartwatch for Calls?

Setting up your smartwatch for calls is a pretty simple process. In most cases, you’ll just need to download the Wear OS using the Google app and add your phone number as a trusted device. The watch will then be able to see that you have an incoming call and let you take it directly from your wrist – no phone required!

You can also use the watch to make outgoing calls, but that process is a little bit more complicated. You’ll need to open the app’s settings (which are accessible from the home screen). Go into the Phone section, and select “Set up call” in order to connect the watch with your carrier.

Once you do that, though, you can make calls by tapping on the microphone icon in any text field. There’s also a voice-calling feature that lets you talk directly into your wrist instead of dialing a number.

calling using smartwatch graphic

Still confused? Follow these steps to set it up the first time:

Step 1: Turn on the Smartwatch Before you can make or receive calls on your watch, you’ll need to turn on cellular connectivity. This setting is different for every device so check your user manual for information about how to access this option.

Step 2: Download the Android Wear app onto your phone.

Step 3: Connect your smartwatch to the app and sync your contacts. This will set up your watch, so it will be ready to make calls when you are ready to use it.

Step 4: Open the dialer on your watch, which can be found in the settings menu

Step 5: Enter the number you wish to call into the search bar and press “call”.

That’s all there is to it! Your watch should now be set up for making calls.

How to Make Outgoing Calls Using The Smartwatch?

making outgoing calls using the smartwatch
Female hardwearing a ringing smartwatch with call icons around

I had the opportunity to use a smartwatch recently and found that it’s a great way to make outgoing calls. I have previously used my iPhone to make calls, but with the smartwatch, it was so much easier and convenient.

Whenever you want to call someone, just open the dialer app on your smartwatch, type in the number and hit ‘call.’ This is exactly how you would call someone using any other Android phone or tablet.

Opening the dialer app is pretty simple and intuitive – just swipe down from anywhere on the watch face using two fingers and then tap on the ‘phone’ icon at the top.

Speaking of icons, they are all displayed in a circular fashion on your watch face and they get bigger or smaller depending on your current step count or other metrics.

You can also use voice commands to make calls by saying “Ok Google” followed by “call [name]” or “dial [number].” This will immediately start calling that person, so you don’t need to go through the entire dialer process.

To make a call using your Samsung smartwatches (such as Gear S3), tap a contact in your list of contacts or swipe left or right until you find the person you want to call. Then tap their name or image. The watch will then dial their number and connect you to them if they’re available; otherwise, it’ll ask if you want to leave them a voicemail instead.

Advantages of Making Calls From a Smartwatch

Most people have a smartphone in India these days, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need something even more portable than their phones. Smartwatches are the answer: they include a variety of features that might be very useful in some situations.

A smartwatch may not have all the features of a smartphone, but it can still be a perfect device to use for making calls and sending text messages while you’re on the go.

girl in mask using smartwatch in her workout
girl in the mask using the smartwatch in her workout

Smartwatches are a great way to stay connected while managing your personal and business tasks. They offer unique features that make it easy to take calls right from your wrist without missing a beat.

With the right smartwatch, you can receive reminders of important meetings and never miss an important call again.

Advantages of making calls from a smartwatch:

1. Convenient: Using your smartwatch to make calls keeps your phone out of sight and within easy reach. You don’t have to dig for it in your pocket or purse when you want to make a call.

2. Safer: Making calls on a smartwatch instead of on your phone means you won’t be distracted by incoming text messages or notifications while driving. This can help keep you focused on the road and increase safety.

3. Flexibility: You don’t have to answer your phone if you are in the middle of something important. Simple take or make calls right from your wrist.

Regarding the disadvantages of making calls from smartwatches, you may argue about the data a smartwatch collects, such as contact lists, phone numbers, etc.

Can You Answer Calls on a Smartwatch?

answer incoming calls in smartwatch
Incoming call icon in smartwatch

Yes, if you have an Android device with version 4.3 or higher (Jelly Bean) or version 5.0 (Lollipop), and if your smartwatch has a speaker and microphone.

Trouble is, how good are they really? From my experience, quite good – so long as you’re not in a wind tunnel or next to a jackhammer, and you don’t mind the person on the other end being able to hear everything else going on in the room.

That’s because there are no noise-cancelling headphones for your wrist that would help block out ambient sounds. Most smartwatches do not support making or receiving calls, although there are some models that can make and receive calls when paired with a smartphone.

Tizen-powered devices (Samsung Gear S3 and newer) can place and receive calls without a paired smartphone.

Android Wear watches that run Android Wear 1.3 can place and receive calls without a paired smartphone, but this feature is deprecated in Android Wear 2.0, as the watch becomes dependent on the connected smartphone for making calls and texts.

The Moto 360 (1st generation), LG G Watch, and LG G Watch R do not have integrated speakers or microphones. However, their successors have been confirmed to have both by Google.

Can You Make International Calls Using Smartwatches?

international calls in smartwatch

There’s no simple answer to the question of whether your smartwatch can make international calls because it depends entirely on the watch you own.

Tizen-based smartwatches can’t make or receive international phone calls, but there are a few options for Android Wear watches.

The Samsung Gear S2 has Wi-Fi and can make voice calls to most countries, provided you’re using a SIM card from a supported carrier. There are also apps that allow you to place calls via VoIP using Google Hangouts or Skype.

The LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE is the first Android Wear watch with an LTE connection and can make voice calls over the cellular network in most countries. Don’t expect high-quality audio if you’re calling outside of your home country, though.

Where calling by smartwatches is possible, the type of service required by the phone network will differ from country to country. In some cases, you need a data connection on your phone, and in others, you need an international calling plan.

Conclusion | Calling with Smartwatches

When thinking about making calls via a smartwatch, there are three questions you want to ask yourself.

First, what device do you currently carry around with you that makes calls? If it’s your smartphone, then a smartwatch might not offer enough of an advantage to be worthwhile.

Second, how often do you find yourself away from your cell phone? If you leave your phone in your desk at the office or have it stowed away in your purse when going for a run, a smartwatch might be able to fill that gap for you.

Third, what is the primary purpose of your smartwatch? If it’s fitness tracking and notifications, chances are making calls isn’t high on your priority list.

In the end, if you really want to know whether or not you can make calls from a smartwatch, in most cases, you can. The trick is finding the right smartwatch for you and for your needs. After all, not every smartwatch will be capable of making calls in a straightforward manner.

Sometimes one feature requires an opposite trade-off. It’s up to you to find the correct balance. When it comes to smartwatches and making calls, maybe less can be more.

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