How to Set Time in Smartwatch

Are you looking for instructions on how to set time in smartwatch? With the best smartwatch, it is easy to sync the time from your phone.

Setting time and date in a smartwatch is easier than in a smartphone. But it depends on your device whether it serves you accurate time right away or you should do some fine-tuning.

That’s why you need to be careful when setting the time to avoid too many manual adjustments.

Why is My Smartwatch Showing Incorrect Time?

When you first use your Apple Watch or Android Wear device, you might notice that the time doesn’t sync with your iPhone or other devices in real-time. This is because the smartwatch doesn’t have a built-in GPS chip. So it relies on your phone’s location information for the correct time.

Tapping on the clock icon on your watch screen will open up a settings menu where you can enter your location. Make sure you put in the city and state or ZIP code that you are currently in.

You can even choose to automatically set your time zone based on where it detects you are located. Once this information is entered into your device, it should begin updating with the correct time if it’s within 100 miles of your iPhone’s location.

This is referred to as “smart” time because the device will automatically set itself to match its location with the main phone.

Smartwatches are gaining their popularity in India and now you can even use them for many purposes, like controlling music playing on your phone, setting reminders, tracking your health and many other things.

But sometimes it is hard to understand how to do some basic operations, like setting time in the smartwatch. Till now you have to rely on an app or a watch face in order to get the time, but there is another way that works within seconds – using your voice.

This method is easy to use and might be the best way of displaying time on your smartwatch. So let’s see how it works!

How to Set Time on Smartwatch?

To set time on your smartwatch, you need to do the following steps:

Step 1: Open the watch face and find the “Setting” icon. Here you can switch on your smartwatch, select a watch face and change its settings.

Step 2: Tap on “Settings”. Then tap on “Date and Time”.

Step 3: The first option is to automatically update the time. If this option is activated, your smartwatch will automatically update the current time every day at midnight according to the current time of your smartphone’s location.

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It will display the current date, both on your smartphone and smartwatch. If you don’t want to await automatic updates of local time every day at midnight, it’s better to turn off this function.

To do this, just tap on “Automatic time update”, then select “Off” from the menu. Now you can manually set up the local time for your smartwatch and smartphone with help of a special menu.

Step 4: Tap on “Local time”. The menu with two options will appear: Set Local Time and Set Home City Time. If you need to set up only local time for your watch, tap on Set Local Time, then select one of the cities closest to your current location and then tap on it to set the home city time.

Setting Time In Smartwatch Using Voice Commands

set time on smartwatch using voice commands

Voice commands are the easiest way of getting anything done on a smartwatch and setting time is definitely one of them. All you need is a watch that has voice search capability.

If you don’t know if your watch has this feature or not, check your user manual. Then, just launch the app and say “What time is it?”.

After that, you will hear the time announced on your watch screen. The same thing is working when asking the “What’s the date?” command in the Google Search app or any other apps with the functionality.

Now, say “set time” & follow the instructions & done!

Conclusion | Setting Time in Smartwatches

To set the time on a smartwatch, you must go to the settings menu and select the correct time zone. Then you close the menu and wait for a message from your watch telling you that it’s now setting the time.

Some smartwatches have a hidden time setting function which you can be enabled by holding down a combination of button combinations for a few moments.

Refer to your specific model “user manual” for information on entering this secret mode that enables you to access the device’s clock settings and adjust it as necessary.

Most other models will have included instructions in the box and/or on the back of the device.

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