Indian schools and board exams are strict when it comes to enforcing rules and regulations. This means that many students, especially those who are not traditionally educated, may not be familiar with the various technologies used in modern society. In this article, we will explore whether or not smartwatches are allowed in Indian schools and board exams. If you are going to appear for exams in the coming months, familiarize yourself with this information to avoid any inconvenience before entering the exam halls.

Are Smartwatches Allowed in Board Exams

Can we wear smartwatch in board exam? 

Some board exams in India have a prohibition on the use of devices that require internet access such as laptops and smartphones, so many students are worried about whether or not they can bring their smartwatches with them to the exams. In some cases, schools have chosen to ban all electronic devices in the exam hall, including smartwatches.

According to Byjus, he Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) will not allow Class 10 and Class 12 students to wear digital watches at the conference hall this year. Only analog wrist watches are now permitted.

When it comes to CBSE board exams, no student is allowed to bring any electronic appliances, such as cell phones, calculators, smartwatches, etc. Hence, it is clear that under no circumstances can you carry any type of smartwatch inside the exam room. Even fitness bands are not allowed as they look very similar to smartwatches.

However, if you do not belong to either ICSE or CBSE, you need to check the exam advisory of your state board to point out what is allowed and what isn’t. But as per my understanding, smartwatches are completely banned in all exams as they can perform calculations.

Why are watches not allowed in exams?

Smartwatches are not permitted in any board exams because they can perform mathematical calculations. As per the rules, any electronic gadget that can do calculations is banned inside the exam halls. Even if you wear a smartwatch that does not perform such mathematical calculations, you are not allowed to wear it because it’s very hard to distinguish from other watches that do.

The second reason is because smartwatches use either Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity. Some modern watches even use a SIM card. This is a severe violation of exam guidelines as students can cheat in exams if allowed to use a smartwatch.

apple watch

Policymakers in India are still debating whether or not to allow smartwatches into schools and board exams. Some argue that the technology can help students stay organized and better track their schoolwork, while others are concerned about potential privacy breaches.

It’s unclear whether or not schools and boards will ultimately decide whether to allow smartwatches into exams, but until they do, parents may want to consider purchasing one for their children, for outside use.

Are smartwatches allowed in schools in India?

It depends on your school. Some academic institutions permit smart watches, whereas others do not allow them. Thus, this is determined by the list of rules and regulations of your particular college whether they allow smart watches for their students or not. It will probably be to your benefit to carefully scrutinize the policies and regulations you will be issued before you attend college.

If you want to wear a smartwatch inside the school campus you can do that if the school administration has no objection. As long as you do not misuse it in the class test or disturb your classmates with it, this should be fine.

Should students be allowed to wear smartwatches during exams? Some colleges or schools allow smartwatches in the classrooms, but you can’t use that during lectures or exams. This is totally understandable.

What do Indian schools say when it comes to wearing smartwatches?

In India, smartphones and tablets are commonly used for educational purposes. However, some schools and boards still prohibit students from wearing smartwatches during exams or school-related activities. This is especially true for students in junior high and high school, as these are the years when they begin to develop test-taking strategies.

Is a smartwatch permitted in Indian school

So, do schools allow smartwatches? While there is no law banning smartwatches outright, many schools and boards in India feel that they can be disruptive and distract students from their studies. Hence, smartwatches are useless when it comes to using them inside classrooms.

In some cases, teachers have argued that smartwatches distract students from their work, but others believe that the devices allow for more efficient study habits. Regardless of which side you fall on, the best way to ensure that students are using their smartwatches properly is to ask them what they think about their use for studying and exams.


In conclusion, wearable technology, such as smartwatches, is a great way for health tracking purposes. However, there is still some controversy surrounding their use in educational settings in India. While most schools allow students to wear them during non-academic school activities, there are concerns that the watches could be used for cheating in exams and hence banned on exam days.

It is still up to the discretion of each school/board whether or not they allow smartwatches in school or board exams. Some schools may view them as a distraction, while others may see them as a helpful tool for keeping students organized. Schools should take into account their individual student populations and make a decision that is best for them.

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