Do smartwatches work with tattoos? In the world of tattoos and electronics, there are several things to consider. So I wanted to write this article and break down whether or not smartwatches require any special care.

Do Smartwatches Work with Tattoos?

Does Your Smartwatch Work with Tattoos?

You’ve probably seen smartwatches, but do they work with tattoos? Yes! There are several ways that smartwatches are compatible with your body art. However, there are several inaccuracy arise when you use a smartwatch with tattoos.

Smartwatches are pretty popular these days, especially among younger people. While they’re not always necessary, they can be a fun way to keep track of your fitness and help you keep an eye on notifications. But there’s one problem: tattoos.

Tattoos are permanent, and unless you want to remove them, you’ll have to live with them for the rest of your life (and if you’re lucky, maybe get some laser removal).

Smartwatches can’t read tattoos, so they won’t be able to recognize them as designs and will therefore ignore them. This is especially true of watches built for fitness tracking, like the Fitbit Ionic.

If you have a tattoo on your wrist, you’ll want to keep it covered when you’re wearing your smartwatch — or at least cover up any parts of it that you want to see while wearing it.

Should You Use a Smartwatch in a Tattooed Area?

There is no denying the popularity of smartwatches among the modern population. And while there may be some who swear by their use in traditional, non-tattooed areas, there are also plenty of people who feel that using one in a tattooed area is a bad idea.

So, should you use a smartwatch in a tattooed area? It depends on your specific situation and what kind of watch you have. For watches with basic features like alarms and calendar access, most experts say that using them in tattoos is fine. But for a watch that has more advanced features, such as the ability to track sleep patterns and exercise routines, you should probably not use it in your tattoos.

Does Apple watch work with tattoos?

Does Apple watch work with tattoos

According to Apple, permanent or temporary changes to your skin, such as some tattoos, can reduce heart rate sensor accuracy. The ink, pattern, and saturation of some tattoos may prevent the sensor from gathering light, which may affect heart-rate readings.

The Apple Watch requires some kind of skin contact, and the skin must be in good condition to ensure that the watch receives enough power to function properly. If you have tattoos or other kinds of body art that could interfere with this, you should consider removing them before getting an Apple Watch.

Does Fitbit work with tattoos?

Fitbit user stated

I am aware that a number of people have written about this, but I purchased my Fitbit Charger 5 this week and after a few days I’ve noticed that my pulse rate is unstable. After reading a little, I have found out that I have some dark tattoos on my non-dominant wrist and the Fitbit charging technology cannot read my pulse rate, so I’m placing my watch on my dominant wrist to see whether the reading improves, & it’s working fine now.

A Reddit user complained about heart rate reading issues. Hence, you should avoid using Fitbit smartwatches in tattooed areas. It will bring inaccurate results.


In conclusion, we can safely say that smartwatches work with tattoos provided the ink is applied correctly and does not affect the function of the watch. At the very least, it will not affect normal call alerts, social notifications, alarms, etc. However, it is proven that using the watch in a tattooed area affects the functioning of heart rate monitors.

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