I’m sure you have been looking for a great smartwatch, but haven’t found the right one. There are lots of choices out there and you may be overwhelmed by them. Read on if you want to know about the best budget smartwatch in India that you can buy.

Smartwatches have come a long way in the past few years. These devices were first created for very specific purposes (and at very high costs). But as technology has become more advanced, so too has the cost.

These days, with smartwatch prices all across the spectrum, pocket-friendly smartwatches are up for debate – especially if you’re looking for a device that’s still capable of keeping you connected on the go.

People all over the world are now switching to smartwatches. These watches are very expensive, but if you play smart, you can end up getting one having a lot of features without breaking your bank. What more do you need when we are here to help you through the entire journey, right from scratch?

Smartwatch’s Growing Popularity in India

According to the report by Counterpoint Research, India’s smartwatch market witnessed the highest-ever shipments in Q3 (2021). In YoY terms, the growth was 293%. The best part is that 75% of the total market share is claimed by Indian smartwatch companies.

Such tremendous market growth shows how Indians are about smartwatches. It’s not all about following the trend, but smartwatches do add value to their lives by tracking health activities & presenting the same in a user-friendly manner.

Fireboltt smartwatches

But what’s the real story behind the popularity of smartwatches in India? Let’s try to understand this first.

Tailored design: Smartwatches can be as simple or as complex as you like. Some have only the time and a few applications, which might be what you want if your phone is always in reach. However, the more features a watch has, the bigger it tends to be and the more it will cost.

No smartphone required: Many smartwatches can connect directly with your phone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

They also come with their own cellular radios, so you can make and receive calls without your phone nearby. The kind of flexibility it offers feel people they’re fashionable.

Activity tracking: All smartwatches monitor your steps and track how long you sleep, but some also measure heart rate, spo2 and stress levels, which is helpful for older people who want to avoid falls and heart attacks. This is the prime reason why people love smartwatches in India.

Battery life: Most smartwatches will last about five or six days on a charge. However, others are rechargeable and need to be plugged into an outlet each night.

But still, battery backup is an area of concern for all smartwatch brands & we hope they’re already working on improvements.

Price: Smartwatches run from under Rs. 1000 to several thousand or more. This way, people get countless options to choose from as per their needs, expectations & budget.

Gone are the days when buying a smartwatch was seen as overspending. Today, brands are competing hard to offer the best smartwatches on a meaningful budget.

How to Choose a Smartwatch in India buying guide

Points to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Smartwatch

Choosing a smartwatch is more than just determining what you want to do with it. In the same way that you can’t just go out and buy a car without knowing what you want from it, you can’t purchase a wearable without knowing what you expect from it.

Trying to find the perfect wearable is something of an impossible task because there are so many variables that you have to consider.

We’ll break down the most important ones for you so that you can get started on finding your perfect smartwatch.

Although we have a detailed buying guide on how to choose the best smartwatch, it’s still worth mentioning a few crucial factors which you should consider:

Operating System

When buying a smartwatch, check the operating system first. Choose one that is compatible with your phone’s operating system.

If you use an iPhone, go for Apple smartwatches and Android ones, on the other hand, in case your smartphone runs on Android.


What is the best budget smartwatch to buy in India? You can get a smartwatch for Rs. 1500 or as high as Rs. 30,000 in India. It all depends on your requirements & affordability.

As competition among wearable brands in India is increasing, they’re offering great value for your money. In a nutshell, you can get the best smartwatch at Rs. 3000.

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Design & Build Quality

I would suggest checking out the metal body instead of polycarbonate. Secondly, make sure it’s lightweight & comfortable.

Look at the strap quality: is it robust? You’d be spending money on it, so you expect it to last at least 3 years, on the conservative side.


No doubt that AMOLED displays are the best, but you need a large budget for this. But that does not mean IPS or LCD displays are trash, they still provide value to your money.

You should choose a display that is large enough to give you sufficient room for watch faces and applications and has a small bezel.

Since you will probably use your smartwatch outdoors, it is important that it has a high brightness level.

Basic Features

These features are bare-minimum when you look for a decent smartwatch on a budget of around Rs. 1500-

  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Activity tracking
  • GPS (if you need it)
  • Texts & calls
  • spo2 monitoring
  • Inbuilt storage
  • Apps support


Smartwatch brands offer decent battery life, typically between 4 to 5 days or more. Hence its health-related functions can operate consistently for your 24/7 needs.

So, always choose a smartwatch with a big battery for all your needs. Uninterrupted supply is a must during your workouts.

What is the Best Budget Smartwatch in India?

In the last couple of years, smartwatches have become a tech category in their own right. They are no longer just gadgets for geeks, but an essential tool that you can use in your daily life.

I have been using a smartwatch for more than a year now and I have to say that it has been one of the most useful things in my life.

Best Budget Smartwatch in India

It has changed the way I do many things, from getting reminders about important tasks, to reminding me of calls from my friends, to being able to read messages from Twitter and Facebook.

With the advent of smartwatches and their popularity among youngsters, it is becoming hard to decide which smartwatch to buy.

The reason for this is that there are too many brands, providing different types of smartwatches with different price tags.

To help you out, we have categorized the smartwatches according to your budget. Let’s have a look at what we can expect with smartwatches coming in different price ranges.

Know if smartwatches are safe to wear.

Low budget smartwatches under Rs. 1000

Most people can’t afford to spend thousands of rupees on a smartwatch. That’s why there are a few smartwatches in India that come for under Rs. 1000.

Although we don’t expect too many advanced features from them, they’re just great to start out if you want to start your journey with a smartwatch.

Here’s what we all get with smartwatches under 1000 Rupees budget:

  • Various activity tracking
  • Call & SMS notifications
  • LCD Display
  • Calling feature on a few models
  • SIM & SD card support
  • Cameras in very few models
  • App support
  • Compatible with most smartphones

However, Rs. 1000 is a too low of a budget for more features like spo2 monitoring. Still, all the basic features can be availed in this budget, especially if you need a smartwatch for health monitoring.

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Best Budget Smartwatch Under 2000 Rupees

If you’re looking for the best low budget smartwatch in India, several great smartwatches are available with awesome features.

track your health with smartwatches

Homegrown brands like boAt, Fire-Boltt, GoNoise compete hard & try their best to launch smartwatches with as many features as possible.

What we can expect from smartwatches with a budget of Rs. 2000 or a little less?

  • Large LCD display
  • Heart tracking
  • Spo2 tracking
  • Waterproof design
  • Call, SMS & social notifications
  • Multiple sports mode
  • Sleep tracking
  • Cloud watch faces
  • 8-10 days battery life (on average)

There are the most affordable smartwatches come with a cost of Rs. 1600-2000. If you need one for health tracking, along with following the trend, you should go with this budget.

However,  AMOLED display is not possible at this price point. Battery backup is above average, but not too great to applaud.

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Smartwatch under 3000 Budget

In order to get a smartwatch without missing any feature, Rs. 3000 is more than enough. At this budget, you can get a brilliant colour display, multiple sports modes & a sleek & fashionable body.

All these features are not available at lower budgets. Even if they are there, some other features will get compromised in name of cost-cutting.

Here’s what to expect from smartwatches with a price tag of Rs. 3000:

  • Built-in voice assistants & Alarms
  • Big touch screen LCD display
  • 8-10 days battery life
  • Multiple watch faces
  • More accurate health-related tracking than cheap smartwatches
  • Fully waterproof body
  • Durable design
  • Value for money

Needn’t mention that you can take & manage calls, SMS and social media notifications since these are the basic features of any smartwatch. Measuring calories burned is now possible with smartwatches.

use your smartwatch for calling and sms

With this budget of 3000 rupees, you can expect to love the way you’re going to use this wearable because more features are added with better accuracy. Undoubtedly you can get some of the most affordable health smartwatches in this price range.

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Smartwatches Below Rs. 4000 in India

Do you need the best budget smartwatch for long battery life? Rs. 4000 is a budget for smartwatches that are not too high or too low.

It lies somewhere in the middle but you can avail some of the functions which are totally missed if you choose a budget lower than Rs. 3000. Let’s see what those features are:

  • High-resolution screen
  • Metal body
  • Lightweight & strong built
  • Swappable strips
  • Stree monitoring
  • Heartbeat monitoring
  • Menstruation tracker
  • Improved battery life
  • Camera
  • Find My Phone

Most of these features are not available at lower prices. Very few smartwatch models are available at the price tag of Rs. 4000. But one point I want to add is if you need to track your health, compare fitness band & smartwatch then decide which would work best for you.

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Best budget smartwatch in India under 5000

If you are in search of smartwatches that are the best of all time, then you must be ready with a larger budget, say Rs. 5000.

These smartwatches not only give you the true value for your money but everything is improved, be it battery, design or accuracy.

  • Smartwatch with call function with best sound quality
  • Less bezels
  • 24*7 SpO2 monitoring
  • Satellite GPS (few brands)
  • Up to 14 days battery life
  • Brand app support
  • Dedicated sports mode
  • Improved brightness
  • Music streaming
  • Camera

In short, the smartwatch becomes a complete package in this budget. But do always remember, smartwatches are just an extended version of your smartphone and they can’t replace it anyhow. It has to co-exist with the phone.

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Smartwatches for Rs. 10000 or Above

Want an AMOLED display on your smartwatch? the best budget for AMOLED smartwatches is more than Rs. 7000. So you certainly have to stretch your budget and that’s why we’re writing this section.

But keep in mind, Rs. 10000 is a big amount for many people, so think twice before making your final decision. Here’s what you will get:

  • Vivid AMOLED display
  • 24+ days battery life
  • Built-in GPS
  • Built-in Alexa
  • All kinds of health monitoring
  • Hundreds of workout modes
  • Better accuracy
  • Mobile App Support
  • SIM card support
  • Health Assessment Dashboard
  • All other features available on cheaper smartwatches

We see smartwatches coming costly, but they are an all-rounder in every aspect. An Rs. 8000 or s budget is good for smartwatches with GPS function. They tend to replace smartphones (though they can’t). The appearance is superb & so the features are.

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Conclusion | Ideal Budget for Smartwatches in India

We hope we have been able to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the best budget smartwatch in India. From the looks of it, we really have some outstanding options.

Of course, which one is right for you depends on what your priorities are and how you’ll be using the device.

All smartwatches have their pros and cons. It’s really a personal choice of what you are looking for in a smartwatch as to which one is the best for you.

And really, that’s just a small part of the decision-making process—but hopefully, it will help get you started. We have tried to cover everything that is important for you to know before you decide which smartwatch to go for.

So now it’s time for you to make a decision. All you need to do is decide your budget and then the smartwatch which suits your needs the best.


What is the most inexpensive smartwatch?

In India, low budget smartwatch cost around Rs. 500 or Rs. 700 are considered the most inexpensive. But before buying them, do proper research about their functionalities, brand value & product quality. We are not sure if they add much value to the people. So, we suggest that you stretch a little more & get a worthy smartwatch for yourself.

Are cheap smartwatches any good?

If you’re talking about overly cheap smartwatches that are under Rs. 500 or so, refrain from buying them. They will leave up stone unturned to disappoint you because they are too cheap in quality. In short, they’re not good.

Which smartwatch is best on a low budget?

Would you prefer boAt or Noise smartwatches on a budget of less than Rs. 2000? Both are renowned brands in India & they have been recognized as wearable’s market leader in India by multiple research institutions. They’re counted among the best budget smartwatch brands in India.

Which smartwatch is of value for money?

Going with a budget of Rs. 3000 for a smartwatch gives the best value for money. Not only do they come with advanced features but the build quality, design & health-related functions are truly amazing.

Which smartwatch is the best and most affordable?

Fire-boltt smartwatches cost around Rs. 4000, but they are best & not too expensive to afford. You can go with them for a smoother experience & best health-related tracking, apart from being fashionable & attractive.